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How COVID-19 Is Affecting The Funeral Industry

covid-19 coronavirus
Currently, over 190,000 people have died from the coronavirus. This sudden increase in deaths has meant that the funeral industry has had to chang...

Types of Equipment Used by Morticians

stainless steel embalming table
Ever thought to yourself, what exactly do morticians do? What’s involved in the job? And what equipment goes along with that job? Well, a mortician...

What Is Embalming & How Is It Done?

embalmer working in lab
Embalming is the scientific practice that a body undergoes after death to preserve it and to slow down the process of decomposition.  The most kn...

Autopsy 101: Post-Mortem Examination Information

feet of dead body with toe tag in morgue
What is an autopsy? An autopsy is a medical term that refers to the examination of an already deceased body. The word itself is derived from the w...